Nightmaster (Clix for the Cure)

This is my second take on Nightmaster, made for the 2009 Clix for the Cure Mod Contest. This time around he has been made from a different Batman, the Origin promo. His head again comes from a Kobra Fanatic, while his sword has been carved down from the Kobra Fanatic's left sword in order to get it in the proper hand this time. His cape is from a Critical Mass Beta Ray Bill who long ago lost his dial. Since it will be mailed away and used as a prize, I designed this mod to be more durable than usual by adding extra greenstuff to joints and trying to keep the individual pieces to a minimum. The last thing I want is for someone to get a prize and have it break the first time they use it. Nightmaster stays on an experienced Bron dial from Indy.

This mod, along with many others from various modders, was available as a prize at Clix for the Cure 2009. Clix for the Cure is a charity event held annually, with the proceeds going toward breast cancer education and treatment. The 2009 event was held March 21 at Gryfalia's Aerie in Bloomington, IL. More information can be found in this HCRealms thread.

Posted: 22-Jan-2009

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